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Lincoln Tower's History

Lincoln Tower's History

Community supporting Lincoln Tower's ground-breaking (1964)

Lincoln Tower's History

Principal of H&A Property Management standing on Lincoln Tower's rooftop with a colleague (2017)

Serving Springfield Since 1969

Recently operated and restored by H&A Property Management, Lincoln Tower has been at the heart of Springfield, Illinois, since its groundbreaking in 1964. Lincoln Tower is known for its red carpet appeal, attracting many of Springfield's most notable figures.

In 1971, Governor Richard Ogilvie and his family called Lincoln Tower home while the Governor's Mansion was under construction next door. First Lady Dorothy Ogilvie kept watch over the renovations from her executive suite on the 17th floor.

For nearly half a century, Lincoln Tower's neoclassical brick structure has stood tall at the center of the Capitol Complex, uniquely positioned between the State Capitol Building, the Office of the Attorney General and the Governor's mansion.

Within walking distance from Springfield's Amtrak station, Lincoln Tower has become a second home to many public servants and lobbyists who frequently commute between Chicago and Springfield.